Best Practices

Best Practices for Uploading

Don’t waste your valuable time! Feel free to upload more than one file at a time. The upload process is set up and optimized for uploading numerous assets at once.

Use the latest version of Chrome (support for additional browsers is coming soon) on Mac or PC.

Upload of a single file should be no larger than 4 GB (total files upload at one time can exceed 4 GB). Improvements to this are in development.

Your total storage limit to start is 1 TB.

We recommend uploading no more than 30 to 50 files at a time for best performance (but see below for more on this topic).

Image thumbnails take a few seconds to generate during the upload process. You do not need to wait for thumbnails to generate before proceeding to the next step in the upload process.

If any of your files fail to upload, you do not have to start over. You can continue through the upload process with the successful files.

Best Practices for Organizing

A Collection is the main folder level of content and is shareable.

A sub-collection is a sub-folder of the main folder and is not shareable separately from the Collection.

All Collections and Sub-Collections can be edited and renamed at any time.

All assets can be moved and re-organized into other collections at any time.

My Favorites is a Collection that contains any assets that the User selects as a favorite (heart icon) and is specific to that User.

A Lightbox is a User created, shareable Collection that provides a shareable URL address link that gives the recipient a graphical instance of Gather that allows them to view all items in the Collection without having to download them first. If the Creator adds or deletes assets in the Lightbox, it will be automatically refreshed so the original URL is always valid.

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